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Ad Spider - native ads spy tool

Post by Admin on Wed Oct 05, 2016 2:44 pm

We have all seen those small article thumbnails, which are at the bottom of news reports and articles, enticing us to click on them. Here is what you did not know! Every time you click on those native advertising ads, the advertisers who have published them indirectly gain from their earnings. That doesn’t mean you won’t stop clicking on those native ads. Instead, why don’t you go ahead and learn the native advertising tips and tricks of those same advertisers? If you don’t know where to start, than here’s just the thing for you!

Ad Spider - native ads spy tool – is an incredible affiliate marketing spy tool and native advertising spy tool that helps you by spying (in a good way) on the native advertising methods of other websites. If you follow their techniques and methods, you will soon have your own native advertising ads rank high among those fancy headlines too. Their terms of use are easy! There are 3 plans you can use from: starter, professional, and enterprise. All of Ad Spider’s plans are packed with their own powerful features that you can learn about right from their pricing page.

Now, let’s talk about the features of this incredible native ads spy tool. It has tracked over 6 million native advertisements, which is constantly increasing, from their global reach of over 26 countries.  Ad Spider also tracks these advertisements in the Top 4 countries; United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia. Ad Spider currently tracks and spies on 5 native advertising networks, which include Outbrain spy tool, Taboola spy tool, spy tool, RevContent spy tool, and AdBlade spy tool. One of the best features of this native ads spy tool is that it tracks ads on 5 main devices in the world: Desktop, iPhone , iPad , Android  Phone, and Android  Tablet .

You can easily browse through the site for your favorite ads and bookmark whichever you like so you can view them afterwards. You can see which ads are popular across their entire native advertising database and learn from other successful native advertising ads. You can search and filter for absolutely anything which includes: Native Ad Network, Countries, Devices, Dates, URLs, Advertisers, Publishers, Popular ads, and much more. This website also makes a great affiliate marketing  tool . You can sift through many affiliate marketing advertisements and copy the most popular ones for your business. Affiliate and direct marketers can make a great deal of money with the help of this website by tracking what is popular and copying it for their own campaigns.

If you would like to make more money and learn the best native advertising tips and tricks, than this native ads spy tool can help you immensely. It is extremely easy to get started, just visit their website and sign-up. It is extremely easy to register and only takes a few seconds. Also, if you have any questions or would like to ask something, you can contact Ad Spider with the Contact Us form.

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